13.5.2018 LAB Sphere

Kilian Mehringer
3D Artist

The next Color Space visualisation is about the LAB color model.
Its shaped like a sphere. Because 4 of its sides x, negativ x, y and negativ y representing the pure colors red, green, yellow, and blue. The height of the sphere defines the lightness or brightness. The a and b values are representing each axies from the spheres radius negativ to the spheres radius positiv on the x or y axies.

So the idea of the lab color space is that the height in the spere defines the brightness of the color, the radius on x and y defines the satturation of the color and the x and y coordinates (a,b) are the hue or tint of the color.

Like the last two color space visualisation this one is also done in Blender3D rendered with its internal pathtracing engine cycles and generated with an python script i wrote to avoid making 7000 spheres and materials by myself.

weekly render wireframe image of LAB Sphere



weekly render shaded image of LAB Sphere


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