22.4.2018 HSV Cone

Kilian Mehringer
3D Artist

After last weeks render with the rgb cube visualisation. I have the next color space for you this week.
This time its the hsv color space. It shapes a cone with ascending brightness from the bottom to the top, growing saturation from the inside to the outside and changing base color going around.

The HSV Color space represents this 3 Values with H = Hue; S = Saturation and V= Value. Hue is the angle which sets the base color between 0 and 360 deg or in radians. The Saturation is the amount of color added to the brightness its going from 0 to 100 or from 0 to 1. But basicaly its just a percentage value. Value is also in percentage and represents the amount of light in mixed into the color.
And this 3 Values shape a Cylinder. But to the bottom a large volume would be pure black given to its satturation and lightness loss. To avoid this multiple completelely black color values its possible to draw a cone with the same coordinates and cut of all this multiple black values to get one single point of 100% black.

Like the rgb cube last week i wrote a python script to generate this scene. And the basic idea of three for loops generating the single points is the same. This time one for loop from 0 to 100 for value and a second from 0 to 100 aswell for the saturation. The last loop goes from 0 to 360 fro the hue angle of the given color. This values are the 3d coordinates of the single points.
To get the color to get rendered in this visualisation i had to write a function that converts this 3 values to rgb values. Becouse rgb is the color model which can be rendered on a digital display.

HSV is more usefull for computer vision projects or to describe color like we see them.

weekly render wireframe image of HSV Cone



weekly render shaded image of HSV Cone


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