08.4.2018 Digital Art Gallery

Kilian Mehringer
3D Artist

The CGI Art Gallery Scene is perfect to present cgi animations. After showcasing a sculpture made or home4art.de in it i decided to make something exclusively for Visuals3D in this scene.
I know that i want to do something surreal and something that will profit from the light settings, something specular with a clean reflective surface. Like the sculpture was shaded in.
In the last time i was testing a lot of ideas with the blender molecular script and decided to use it for this animation aswell. So i made this particle system with a animated force field.

To render this massive scene i used sheepITs render service, where i frequently donate my processing power to help other artist to render there animations faster. In this case it only took me 12 hours to render the full animation with the help of the sheepIT community, which would take days to rednder it by myself.

weekly render wireframe image of Digital Art Gallery



weekly render shaded image of Digital Art Gallery


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