Reuleaux Triangles

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11.3.2018 Reuleaux Triangles

Kilian Mehringer
3D Artist

The last weeks i was programming a lot. Wich was alot of fun and realy satisfying to work on our website again after more than 6 month.
But it was time to go back into Blender and test some new cool stuff. Because i searched alot for mathematics and algebraic algorithms the last weeks google recomanded me a video about 3d printed solids of constant widths. This objects are geometric volumes wich have the same with at every side. Like a circle you can say they have something like a fixed diameter.
These Objects are so fascinating because there are many of them and some of them dont look like there have something similar with an circle or a sphere, but mathematical they have alot in common.

The best way to show how they behave like a sphere or circle is to put them on a table and lay down a book or plate on them. And as soon as you start to move the book you will see that the book isnt moving in height, because the solids of constaint with dont look like it, but they have the same diameter on every side.

After some more google search i know how this Objects are made. Its possible to make something like an intersection of 3 spheres or circles to create a simple object of solid with.
To make the Reauleaux triangles you just have to intersect 3 circles.

Some shading, lighting and the scene was done.

weekly render wireframe image of Reuleaux Triangles



weekly render shaded image of Reuleaux Triangles

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