Molecular Wine

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25.2.2018 Molecular Wine

Kilian Mehringer
3D Artist

The idea was to make something with a wine bottle. Thats what I started with. The wine bottle itself was modeled relatively quick with the help of b-spline curves. Designing a label for it in photoshop was done quickly aswell.
Last thing I did before I had to think about a way to animate this scene for a weekly render post was to setup the light and shaders. Which is the best part of every project. All the modeling work is done and you can see the result shining in its full glory.

Now I needed an idea to animate this scene. At first I thought about smashing the glass. But I already did this whit enough of other models. So I decided to test something new. I searched for a way to fill the bottle with particles. My first idea was to make them dancing around in the bottle like a very expensive champaign bottle filled with gold leafs. But gold wasnt the right color for this scene because the visuals3d red must fit into it.

The other idea was to fill it up with spheres controlled by a particle system. After experimenting with force fields to let them self collide and stack up to a filled bottle I found the molecular script addon by Jean-Francois Gallant to be the qualitatively best choice to make this physically based particle systems.

Its fairly simple to use and powerful.

The result isnt perfect, the cuts between the different camera positions are completely screwed up at some points and the particles are moving trough the shell of the bottle at the end when there are too much of them in this small container. But regarding the time limit I had to create this render im pretty happy with the results.

I also want to mention that i used the open source render farm sheep it to render this animation. I rendered a lot of other peoples projects over the last moths when ever my rendering pc wasnt rendering for me. And for this project i used the earned coins to let other people render it for me. It was perfect in this case because i had only my very weak business laptop to create this animation on. Where one frame would take up to 25mins to get rendered. And with the help of the sheep it community all 400 frames get rendered in under 15mins.

weekly render wireframe image of Molecular Wine



weekly render shaded image of Molecular Wine

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