Logo Morph

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18.2.2018 Logo Morph

Kilian Mehringer
3D Artist

After the new world record of 1218 coordinated drones with leds on board to create shapes in the night sky by intel at the opening event for this years olympic winter games in Korea, i wanted to creates something similar.
Sure i cant by so much drones to test it, i alwo dont have the time to write the code and figure out the math behind this stunning technoligie. So i decided to fake it with blender and create something that looks similar, but has no issues with colliding drones or other limitations a realworld approche to test this stuff would have.

I used the Blender internal particle system with its keying option. Its extremely simple to setup. All shapes i want to morph between as mesh objects with the same amount of particles filled and another particle system that morphs its same particle count between the given particles of the different shapes. I also created a simple drone model that carries a led light on top of it, but like the real world version the drones are nearly invisible under the bright light of the leds against the dark night sky.

weekly render wireframe image of Logo Morph



weekly render shaded image of Logo Morph

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